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Flooded out at home? Call a member of the professional DriZone Network

Imagine just returning from a well-deserved weekend getaway. You’re looking forward to a great meal, relaxing in your favorite chair, and enjoying the familiar comfort of your own home. You open the door—and are greeted by a flood of water. With one quick sweep of the eyes you can see that the stairway is a cascading waterfall, the floors are swamped, and all of your belongings are soaked through. A burst water line has turned your peaceful homecoming into a swampy chaos.

Nobody expects it, but the above scenario happens more often than you might think. Severe weather events cause some water damages, but 50 to 60 percent come from sudden “clean water” flooding like burst pipes and faulty connections to household appliances. And even though this “clean” water may originate from a potable source like a faucet line, the structure must be returned to pre-loss condition as soon as possible. A waterlogged building can become dangerously unhealthy if left untreated for any length of time.

Kauai Carpet Cleaners Inc., a local water damage restoration professional from Princeville, HI knows the importance of timely services for restorative drying. That’s why we  joined other professional restorers from around the world at the most advanced course for water damage available—Applied Structural Drying (ASD). As a successful graduate of the ASD course, Kauai Carpet Cleaners Inc. joins the DriZone Network, an international community of restoration professionals dedicated to improving the industry through education and customer service.

The ASD course was hosted by Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.—a leading provider of solutions for water damage restoration. The course teaches restoration professionals how to use the latest technology and methods in order to dry structures with minimal disruption for the customer. Depending on the particular situation, ASD graduates are often able to successfully dry a water-damaged structure in just three to five days without tearing out or replacing carpet, pad, drywall, baseboard or other complex structural materials. By using a scientific approach to the drying process, Kauai Carpet Cleaners able to complete the drying process in less time for less money with less inconvenience to the homeowner.

The ASD course balances classroom instruction with plenty of hands-on practice in an onsite flood house. The day before the course began, Dri-Eaz instructors soaked the 1,100 sq.ft. flood house with over 1,500 gallons of water. Kauai Carpet Cleaners Inc. and fellow professionals tackled the challenge of drying out the house over the next four days as a way to learn and practice the advanced technical procedures taught in the course.

“The ASD course kept us alert because we encountered so many different types of building materials – more than you would normally find in one building,”. “For example, we found plaster, concrete, traditional lumber, engineered wood, cabinets, hardwood floors, sheet vinyl, tile, wainscoting, ceramic tile, wall coverings, plus furnishings.

“Every day we’d assess the situation in the flood house using a variety of advanced moisture meter technology,  “It’s incredible what we can do now. We can actually track the moisture levels inside structural materials as the building dries. Based on the readings we took that day, we’d make slight but critical adjustments to the drying plan or equipment mix.

“Knowing how to gather, interpret, and record this information allows me to determine exactly when the structure is dry and back to a normal, healthy condition. Then I can show a customer or insurance agent the data in an easy-to-read report. That extra step gives them confidence that I’ve done the job right. It’s great to be able to offer that kind of assurance of quality.”

As a graduate of the ASD course with Dri-Eaz, Kauai Carpet Cleaners Inc. joined the DriZone Network. The DriZone Network is an international community of restoration professionals dedicated to offering the highest level of service in the industry. Network members share a commitment to remaining on the cutting-edge of industry technology and new drying techniques through continued education and the sharing of information. When homeowners or insurance adjusters are in need of quality restoration services for water damage, the DriZone Network is a great place to find the most qualified professionals in the area.

You can find contact information for Kauai Carpet Cleaners Inc., in addition to more information about the DriZone Network and ASD courses, at 

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